Overview of the LENA

The LENA Pro Recorder is a nifty recording device that allows us to capture a full day of talk in your child’s world! A full day of talk is captured by a small, child-safe recorder worn in a comfortable vest. We use special software tools to translate the recordings into data about talk, which we will share with you in a report every time you complete a LENA activity.

Our team will work with you to find a day that works for you and your family to complete the recorder activity on a day. A LENA package will be sent to your home every 2 months, which contains everything you need for your recording day. In the package you will find the LENA Recorder, a special vest for your child to wear, a log that tells us all about what happened on your recording day, and a return envelope so that you can easily send everything back to us.

On the day of your recording, turn the LENA on and place it into the vest. Then have your child wear the vest on the outside of all other clothes. During nap times, bath times or car rides just place the LENA vest near your child instead of having them wear it. At bedtime, you can place the LENA near them and it will automatically shut off at the end of the day. You can find more information on how to use the LENA under “LENA instructions”.

The next day, pack everything up and send it back to us in the prepaid envelope. Don’t worry about washing the vest or removing the LENA from the vest.  We will take care of that once we receive it again.  After we download all the information that was recorded, we will send you a report showing how many times your child spoke and was spoken too and how many words they actually spoken.



LENA Instructional Video:



LENA Instructions:

These instructions are provided to:

  1. Guide you through your recordings
  2. List daily instructions on how to use your LENA

What’s Included

  • LENA recorder: records the child’s natural language environment
  • LENA Vest: has a special pouch hidden in the front chest pocket to hold the LENA safely and securely during recordings
  • Daily Log: allows you to tell us about what happened during your day

Getting Familiar with the LENA recorder 



  • Power Button: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on or off.
  • Display Screen: Displays the current status of your recorder. Example: “Recording,” “Charging,” etc.
  • Record Button: Press and hold ‘REC’ button until display screen reads “Recording.”

Inserting the LENA Recorder



In the Morning

Step 1. Turn the LENA recorder on

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. This will turn the LENA recorder on. The display screen will read “Sleeping” or “Paused.”

Step 2. Record

  • Make sure the LENA recorder is on. Press and hold the ‘REC’ button until the display screen reads “Recording.” This marks the beginning of your recording.
  • Immediately place the LENA recorder into the front pocket of the LENA vest, snap the pocket closed, and place the vest on your child. ***The LENA Clothing cannot be covered by any other layers of clothing.  Long sleeve shirts or other warm layers can be placed under the LENA Clothing.
  • Go about your normal day. Remember to fill out the daily log as you go.

At Naptime

Step 1. At naptime, remove the LENA vest from your child.

  • Leave the LENA in “Recording” mode within the LENA vest and place it near your child. Allow the LENA to continue recording during naptime.
  • After naptime, dress your child in the LENA vest again.

At Bedtime

Step 1. At the end of the day, remove the LENA vest from your child.

  • Leave the LENA in “Recording” mode within the LENA vest and place it near your child. The LENA will continue recording until it runs out of power (will display a blank screen).
  • You can now dress your child in their regular clothing. The LENA clothing is not intended for sleepwear.

How to Return LENA 

  • Please return all items as they were provided in the prepaid stamped envelope. Do not wash LENA clothing.

Warnings and Suggested Recording Use

  • For safety reasons, remove the LENA from your child’s LENA clothing while he/she is in a car seat or any other safety harness. It is appropriate to keep the LENA within four feet of your child while you are traveling.
  • Remove LENA clothing during naps or sleep periods, as you would any other garment not intended for sleepwear. However, leave the LENA in “Recording” mode within the LENA clothing and place it near your child.
  • LENA clothing is not flame retardant.
  • The LENA is not water proof/water resistant. Remove LENA clothing if your child is around any body of water, including bathtubs and swimming pools.