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CTI Faculty and Staff Publications

Michael Markl, PhD Todd Parrish, PhD Daniel Procissi, PhD
Andrew Larson, PhD Daniel Kim, PhD James Carr, MD
Jeremy Collins, MD Jennie Chen, PhD Susanne Schnell, PhD


Featured Publications: Cardiovascular Imaging

Schnell S, Ansari SA, Vakil P, Wasielewski M, Carr ML, Hurley MC, Bendok BR, Batjer H, Carroll TJ, Carr J, Markl M. Three-dimensional hemodynamics in intracranial aneurysms: influence of size and morphology. J Magn Reson Imaging 2014;39:120-31.

Mahadevia R, Barker AJ, Schnell S, Entezari P, Kansal P, Fedak PW, Malaisrie SC, McCarthy P, Collins J, Carr J, Markl M. Bicuspid aortic cusp fusion morphology alters aortic three-dimensional outflow patterns, wall shear stress, and expression of aortopathy. Circulation 2014;129:673-82.

Featured Publications: NeuroImaging

Wang X, Casadio M, Weber KA, Mussa-Ivaldi FA, Parrish TB. White matter microstructure changes induced by motor skill learning utilizing a body machine interface. NeuroImage 2014;88:32-40.

Huang L, Wang X, Baliki MN, Wang L, Apkarian AV, Parrish TB. Reproducibility of Structural, Resting-State BOLD and DTI Data between Identical Scanners. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(10).

Baria AT, Baliki MN, Parrish TB, Apkarian AV. Anatomical and functional assemblies of brain BOLD oscillations Journal of Neuroscience. 2011;31(21):7910-7919.

Featured Publications: Small Animal Imaging

Williams KA, Mehta NS, Redei EE, Wang L, Procissi D. Aberrant resting-state functional connectivity in a genetic rat model of depression. Psychiatry Res 2014 Feb 13.

Zhang Z, Procissi D, Li W, Kim DH, Li K, Han G, Huan Y, Larson AC. High resolution MRI for non-invasive mouse lymph node mapping. J Immunology Methods 2013 Dec 31; 400-401:23-9

Mouli SK, Tyler P, McDevitt JL, Eifler AC, Guo Y, Nicolai J, Lewandowski RJ,  Li W, Procissi D, Ryu RK, Wang YA, Salem R, Larson AC, Omary RA. Image-guided local delivery strategies enhance therapeutic nanoparticle uptake in solid tumors. ACS Nano, 2013 Sep 24;7(9):7724-33